Virtual Visiting Days

<<Virtual Visiting Days>> Due to COVID-19, many colleges have cancelled their visiting days. We (students + recent grads) are coming together to create a network for you to connect with fellow prefrosh and students/alums from many colleges across US through chat rooms and video panels on Discord

TL;DR – join us here for a series of “virtual visiting days”


Hi friends, I’ll keep this short and sweet — I graduated from Harvard in 2019, and have a number of mentees and a sister who are HS ’20s. I see that there is a real need for prefrosh to connect virtually with current students / recent alums and each other given that COVID-19 is leading to colleges shutting down their visiting days across the nation. (Unfortunately, VVD is currently only operating in the United States.)

We have students/alums from 60+ colleges on the server at the moment. We hope to expand aggressively throughout the next couple of weeks and will have panels and Q&A sessions throughout April. Hope that you join us and bring lots of questions with you! Join us here: