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How To Study: Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are something that every student eventually has to tackle. These tests are essential, either for getting into college, or for moving on to post-secondary education. Standardized tests are also quite intimidating; most people find them daunting, and that comes from not knowing how to study for them. This article will highlight some key tips on how to study for standardized tests.

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Senioritis: What Not To Do Your Final Year of High School

It is the beginning of a new school year, but for many it may be their last. If you are becoming a senior, then congratulations! You are almost done with high school, and are about to enter a new stage in your life where you choose what you want to do. Many say that senior year is the best year of high school, but be careful. There is something you have to watch out for in your senior year: Senioritis.