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What is the elusive Planet Nine?

Astronomers have recently discovered the solar system’s most distant object, thus far, which they creatively nicknamed “FarFarOut.” It is 3.5 times more distant than Pluto (140 times farther away than the Earth from the sun). The proposed distance for Planet 9, according to Greg Laughlin, an astronomer at Yale University is, “[the] best estimate for its [planet 9’s] current position and brightness put it about 950 times farther than Earth from the Sun.” For now, Planet 9 remains an elusive possibility as we continue to explore what lies on the fringes of our own solar system and galaxy.

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Earth’s Most Durable Creatures

Though humans have accomplished so much since we first evolved, the time we have spent on Earth is only a mere blip compared to some of Earth’s most durable and extraordinary creatures. These animals have needed to survive in situations much harsher than those humans have experienced. Perhaps studying these creatures may help us face some of the diseases and illnesses that continue to challenge us.