Month: January 2019

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The Truth About Popular Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Ingredients

It’s crucial to research anything that is for consumption or personal use (especially products that are used often). There are a lot of cosmetic products that promise one thing or another, but a lot of them contain ingredients that the average person isn’t necessarily familiar. In this article, we’ll delve into some common ingredients used by the cosmetic industry and just how concerned the average consumer should be towards them.

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The Exciting World of Biotechnology Today

Right now, history is in its making in the world of biotechnology. It is a hot topic, full of new discoveries and on-going research. Whether that topic is on GMOs, Crispr, or human cloning, researchers are approaching it with an open mindset and optimism for the world improvements that could “stem” out it. Some of these topics are controversial, but let’s look at an overview of these topics with an impartial and scholarly viewpoint.