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Everyone loves a good how-to-guide on how to prevent the fall season's typical onslaught of coughs, sniffles and general unpleasantness. But is all these guides say really true?

Everyone loves a good how-to-guide on how to prevent the fall season’s typical onslaught of coughs, sniffles and general unpleasantness. With school starting up again and many becoming more fatigued while adjusting to a more intense daily workload than a Netflix binge-marathon, it is more important than ever to utilize preventative measures to avoid falling ill. Today, I’ll be evaluating some different tips that have been spread around the internet to see if there’s truly any method to the anti-sickness madness.


Oil of Oregano-

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Commonly believed benefits:

-increased immunity

-natural antibiotic

-lower cholesterol

-help yeast infections



With its official botanical name being Origanum vulgare, oregano is a flowering plant from the same family as mint. It is often used as an herb to flavor food. The oil itself is extracted via steam distillation processes. It is useful because it contains antioxidants such as carvacrol (antibacterial), thymol (anti-fungal), rosmarinic acid (protects from free-radical damage). However, although it may kill bacteria in a petri dish, this doesn’t mean much in terms of an effective solution to illness. It is not currently known to widely solve any serious illnesses.

Vitamin C-

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Commonly believed benefits:

-shorten common illness duration and severity

-aids in cardiovascular health

-preventative medicine

 While a vitamin C deficiency, much like other vitamin deficiency, compromises your immune system, the greater debate has been if an increased vitamin intake has positive repercussions on our ability to handle disease. In terms of usage for illnesses such as the common cold, preventative intake of vitamin C may slightly reduce the duration of the illness in healthy persons but doesn’t affect its incidence and severity.



Lemon Water-

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 Commonly believed benefits:

-weight loss


  A lot of people tout the positive health impacts of drinking lemon infused water as part of their daily routines. In fact, here, correlation doesn’t imply causation. People are more likely to drink more water if they believe that the lemon water has such miraculous effects like weight loss. This upped intake results in healthier habits which, in turn, lead into someone ultimately becoming healthier. However, lemons are acidic, and can, over time, damage enamel and gums. Keep that in mind next time you start squeezing a lemon into a drink!


Ultimately, your health is a combination of your nutritional intake and your habits. Many times, people neglect their health by cutting back on sleep or increasing stress on themselves, due to how much they expect themselves to complete. The best way to remain healthy is, of course, to stay as balanced as possible, and to use hobbies to manage your stress and bolster your immune system’s ability to protect you.







Magda Wojtara is Junior at the LSA Honors College at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on a pre-med track with a major in Neuroscience. In her free time, she write articles, volunteers at a chronic pain outpatient facility with UM Medicine, does research, competes in HOSA, and, of course, enjoys photography and singing. In her spare time she manages her own travel and lifestyle blog: @journeythedestiantion on instagram and

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