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Amazing Discoveries made by Lesser Known Scientists

Learn about three amazing scientific discoveries made by lesser known people.

When thinking about scientists, names like Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and Copernicus may come to mind. These scientists have accomplished great things for mankind, but there are other scientists that have also played a large role in many important developments. Here are 3 significant discoveries made by scientists that are lesser known. Many of these scientists have received rewards and praise for their accomplishments.  There are numerous more discoveries, so this list is just a snippet of them. Some of these scientists have made many discoveries, but I have only included one major discovery.

Image from news.mit.edu

Tim Berners-Lee ( 1955-today)- Computer Science

Tim Berners Lee was the creator of the World Wide Web in 1989. The World Wide Web is not the internet. Instead, it is a network that combines all resources and users on the internet if the users are using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). He created this while he was working in The European Organization of Nuclear Research, CERN. We see his creation everytime we use the browser to access web pages.

Image from Findagrave.com

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)- Physics

James Clerk Maxwell made the remarkable discovery of the electromagnetic field. A field is defined by the Encyclopedia of Philosophy as “a condition in the space surrounding charged bodies that determines the force that a unit electric charge would experience if it were placed at any point”. His discovery built a foundation for succeeding physicists and the study of modern physics, which is largely based on “the field-theoretic viewpoint” (2).

Image from BusinessInsider.com

Alexander Fleming (1881-1955)- Medicine

Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928. This was the first antibiotic, so it created a great breakthrough in the field of medicine. With the help of scientists Howard W. Florey and Ernst B. Chain, Penicillin became available for civilian use in 1944(3). Penicillin is the reason that most people do not die from diseases like stomach ulcers and strep throat (4).


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