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Top Five Medical Professions

Everyone knows about the typical family doctor responsibilities or pharmacist job description. Yet, the healthcare spectrum consists of a variety of occupations‒some of which you may have not heard of before...

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Everyone knows about the typical family doctor responsibilities or pharmacist job description. Yet, the healthcare spectrum consists of a variety of occupations ‒ some of which you may have not heard of before. For those hoping to explore the medical field or are undecided on what specific health profession, this is the perfect place for you. Below, I have created a list of what I personally believe are the top five medical professions along with their brief descriptions. All in all, it was put together on a variety of reasons and factors ranging from salary to my own personal bias.

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Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists work to treat patients with communication disorders in addition to swallowing disorders. These professionals work in daycare and elementary schools, but they can also be found in hospitals and clinics. They may also engage in research to spread awareness about human communication processes and provide counseling and consultative services. With annual salaries ranged from $70,000 to $93,000, the profession is growing due to the rapid increase in aging populations and medical advances in preterm infants.

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What’s math plus medical? Biostatistician. Unlike the above professions, the majority of biostatisticians can be found in an office setting‒often behind a computer screen. They analyze data and statistics on living organisms during medical research. Collaborating with a team of scientists and researchers, these individuals create mathematical and statistical models to explore diseases like Ebola, translating data to create new medications and medical treatments.  

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With an average salary of $281,481, anesthesiologists are responsible for administering the drugs or general anesthetics to patients undergoing surgery, monitoring their vital signs at all times. By supplying the perfect amount of anesthesia, anesthesiologists ensure that patients do not feel pain before, during, and after surgery. This includes putting individuals in the state of controlled consciousness and ensuring that patients will emerge from the effects of anesthesia at the right time. In other words, your life is not actually in the hands of the surgeon, but the anesthesiologist.  

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Do you have a straight and beautiful smile? That’s probably due to the work of an orthodontist who is in charge of fixing irregular bites and realigning crooked teeth. With a never-ending population of customers ranging from all ages, orthodontists are specialists in dentistry, but only 6% of dentists are orthodontists. The median salary is $187,200 and the required education consists of a bachelor’s degree in a science related field, four years of dental school, three years of specialized training, and state license.

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Biomedical Engineer

Like the idea of creating and saving? Biomedical engineers excel at both. They design solutions to problems in biology and medicine by creating systems and products like artificial organs and devices that replace body parts. Furthermore, they are responsible for the proper usage and maintenance of biomedical equipment by teaching patients about the correct purposes of medical instruments. One extraordinary fact about this field is that it has one of the highest percentage of female students in any engineering field, encouraging women to pursue doctorate degrees.

For all means, this list is not in any specific order and is not definite as there are other great medical professions that may not be listed above. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and never-ending pursuits despite your decision in the healthcare field.

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