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The Controversy Over AI

An insight in to the controversial nature of Artificial Intelligence.


As with anything that has capabilities to potentially “take over” the world –and create a new environment where humans may not be the most powerful creatures– there will be controversies that arise on whether or not artificial intelligence should be utilized. The controversy over the issue also  been noted by people such as Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerburg.

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Is AI Really “Dangerous”?

  1. It’s capability to kill others.
    • Many people are concerned over the issue that autonomous weapons and machines have the capacity to be programmed to kill. If someone had wrong visions for its use, then yes, these machines can easily cause mass casualties. But this type of scenario is the same for any type of machine– not just AI.
  2. AI could be programmed to help, but it comes with a destructive side
    • As with any type of machine, there is always a potential destructive side. For example, if you ask an intelligent vacuum robot to clean your living room as fast as possible, that robot could have shredded the shirt on the floor and sucked up the twenty dollar bill. It did exactly what you told it to do, but at the same time, it wasn’t what you wanted.

How Dangerous AI Becomes, is in the Hands of the People Who Creates Them

AI doesn’t just become “dangerous” overnight, after all, these machines are created by humans. What we want out of it is all up to us. Rather than arguing about whether or not AI should be utilized, why not immerse yourself in how they are made? Get engaged in conversations and input ideas on how it can be better and reduce the tensions of those who are against its capabilities.


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