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A Scholarship List

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Do you hate searching for scholarships as much as I do? For every 40 scholarship that you apply to, you may win only 1-3. Let’s face it, there are too many people apply to too many scholarships, and many of them are much better than you and me. They have 50 billion volunteering hours and started non-profits. And the scholarship that you do find is pretty much just an essay, which is judged subjectively by a group of strangers behind a screen. But anyways, let me give you some links to your scholarship search. 

Here are some Scholarship Databases: 

Here are the full-ride scholarships:

You should also apply to Raise.me  as you free money from certain colleges just by plugging in your academic information.

Another Helpful Tip

FILL OUT THE FAFSA (It opens up October 1st. First come, first serve)












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