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High School STEM-related Summer Opportunities

On HS STEM-realated summer opportunities and what they are


Throughout my high school career, one of my greatest experiences was stumbling into the depths of the internet and one day, upon coming across Anna Ho’s wonderful posts,  and realizing that science programs for high school students were a thing. I was ecstatic.

In my days, I had applied to plenty (re: SSP, MITES), got rejected to most (re: City of Hope, SSPx2), even got too intimidated to apply for some (RSI), but still ultimately ended up with great experiences that I couldn’t be more happy with (re: Project SEED, CSSI). My advice is to apply for everything! The mantra is: you only miss the shots you don’t take.

The following is a list of deadlines and links I compiled for 2015. They may be slightly outdated now (being three-years old), but I still hope that they may be useful.

Research Science Institute, STEM, rising Seniors, January 16th

MITES/E2@MIT/MOSTEC, Engineering, rising Seniors, preference given to underrepresented minorities and first-generation students, February 4th

Summer Science Program, Astronomy/astrophysics, rising Juniors and Seniors, February 27th (for domestic); February 4th (for international)

MIT Women’s Technology Program, CS and technology, rising Seniors, Jan 1st

MIT Launch, Entrepreneurship, HS students, February 15th

MIT HSSP, a Cambridge-based weekend program for students to learn just about anything, HS students, June 10th (I’m teaching summer ’18!)

Project SEED – Purdue, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, rising Juniors and Seniors, preference given to underrepresented minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged, deadlines vary by institutes

Stony Brook Simons University Research Program, sciences, HS students, January 16th

High School Honors Science, Math and Engineering Program, STEM, rising Seniors, March 15th

Clark Scholars Program, STEM, rising Juniors and Seniors, February 9th 2015

Harvard Secondary School Program, STEM (and others), rising Juniors, Seniors, and college Freshman, March 2nd for financial aid (I’m proctoring here for summer ’18!)

Genetics Internship for High School Students, genetics, rising Seniors, April 1st (in 2015 they ran out of funds and didn’t accept anyone, though)

Google Computer Science Summer Institute, computer science, rising college Freshmen, March

Army Educational Outreach Program, research in STEM, high school students and rising college Freshmen, March-April

Also, check out your local universities and colleges’ professors! They are always happy to help. The list will be updated as I find more opportunities. Message me for any clarification and if you find a program that’s not up here!

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